Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Annual PrizeMan's Fashion PrizeMankind and Society PrizeGraphic Prize
A.R.E. PrizeAsian PrizeDAD PrizeConferences Prize
German Engineering PrizeGood PrizeWebsite PrizeBusiness Strategy Prize
Automobile PrizeDesigner Products PrizeSuperior PrizeRed Consumeables Prize
Restaurant PrizeTourism PrizeYachts PrizeArtistic Prize
Textile PrizeAdvertising PrizeAsian PrizeJournal Prize
Social and Behavioral Sciences PrizeTop Designer PrizePortfolio PrizeBanking Instruments Prize
Academical PrizeBeauty Products PrizeGreen Goods PrizeTransparent Goods Prize
White Goods PrizeArtists Books PrizeDigital Devices PrizeArtificial Intelligence Applications Prize
Architectural PrizeConstruction Projects PrizeReal Estate Projects PrizeOnline Prize
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